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Investing 50% of our profits back into Pakistan

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We are introducing an annual membership scheme. In Rs 2,500 you can become a member and have the following benefits:


Have the privilege of attaining free education. University or Vocational whatever is applicable as per your age and interest. The schooling project will come later إن شاء الله. We will invest 50% of the revenue back into our members by offering primary, secondary and university education free of cost. Our Phase 1 Micro Masters Program available. Become a member and get MicroMasters from world Top Universities like MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and many more. For more information please read below.

20% Additional Discount

Get additional 20% discount on our website.

No Questions Asked Return Policy

No Questions asked! Have 40 days of return policy as long as the tags are intact, merchandise is not used along with its original packing as applicable.

Buy now pay later

Buy now, pay later in 7 days. Ordering Rs 7,000 worth of merchandise. Keep what you like, pay and return the rest.

Quarterly Draws

Quarterly draws where we offer prizes like iPad, iPhone X, Kindle Fire HD 10 and many other prizes for our members. Starting from July 2018.

Concierge Service

Order anything from North America within $100 range and we will deliver it to you on a pre-determined schedule. For more information, please email us or call our North America number +1 647-680-1508 via whats app or direct line. If you do not like the item for any reason, then you return it to us and we can return your money back. We also carry 90 days warranty for any items ordered through us. Gradually you earn your loyalty points and can order $200, $300 and up to $2000 of items from us as they relate to clothing, electronics etc. Please call us to get more info. This is strictly a concierge service that we offer to our members only.

We will invest 50% of the revenue back into our members by offering primary, secondary and university education free of cost, Gym facilities and renewable energy smart grid that we intend to create utilizing emerging and evolving technologies.

School, College, and University Education

Next generation education for our kids from School to University. Where we invest in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other key emerging technologies education for our young generation. We have to prepare ourselves by investing in these emerging areas to become the next powerhouse in 5 to 10 years time إن شاء الله. Courses from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and other top universities will be offered in the emerging fields. Online degrees from edX and Coursera and other portals will be offered to all of our members through our educational facilities free of cost. We will pay your fee and want you to be successful إن شاء الله.

Phase 1 of Nafi Benefits at 1000 – 50,000 members:

In phase 1 we are going to offer Micro Masters starting from Jul 2018 that our Nafi members can register for. These courses are going to cover the following subjects:

  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Science
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quantum resistant encryption
  • Manufacturing
  • Emerging Automotice Tech
  • Solar Energy Engineering
  • Desing Thinking
  • User Experience, Research & Design
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Algorithms & Data Structure
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Evidence Based Management
  • Digital Product Management
  • Digital Leadership
  • Bio Informatics
  • And Many more

These courses will be offered through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) initially via edX platform. At a later stage, we will open our first campus to start offering these courses to all of the members both physically and virtually. All the graduates of these courses will be given an incubation environment where they will be given the tools and the means to start working on various projects within Pakistan and abroad. We intend to create a new generation of data scientist, cybersecurity professionals and emerging techno users who work within Pakistan in producing various products.

Starting from July 2018, all Nafi members can now register for Micro Masters Programs. For more information please contact us on
The key Micro Master programs are going to be:

Micro Masters Name University Name Link for more information Number of Courses Fee that we will pay  Internship Status
Principles of Manufacturing Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) principles manufacturing 8 $1,400.00 We will arrange an internship.
Supply Chain Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) mitx supply chain management 6  $1,200.00 We will arrange an internship.
Marketing Analytics Berkeley University Of California berkeleyx marketing analytics 4  $796.00 We will arrange an internship.
Big Data University of Adelaide big data 5  $1,350.00 We will arrange an internship.
Evidence-based Management Australian National University anux evidence based management 8  $1,192.00 We will arrange an internship.
Digital Product Management Boston University digital product management 5  $1,000.00 We will arrange an internship.
Digital Leadership Boston University digital leadership 5  $1,000.00 We will arrange an internship.
Emerging Automotive Technologies Chalmers University of Technology chalmersx emerging automotive technologies 7  $1,400.00 We will arrange an internship.
Business Analytics Columbia University business analytics 4  $1,476.00 We will arrange an internship.
Artificial Intelligence Columbia University columbiax artificial intelligence 4  $946.00 We will arrange an internship.
Internet of Things Curtin University curtinx internet of things iot 6  $1,294.00 We will arrange an internship.
Solar Energy Engineering Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) solar energy engineering 5  $1,400.00 We will arrange an internship.
Professional Android Developer Universidad Galileo galileox professional android developer 5  $646.00
International Hospitality Management The Hong Kong Polytechnic University hkpolyux international hospitality management 4  $600.00
Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement University of Michigan michiganx leading educational innovation 5  $1,045.00
User Experience (UX) Research and Design University of Michigan michiganx user experience ux research and design 9  $1,041.00 We will arrange an internship.
Social Work Practice, Policy and Research University of Michigan michiganx social work practice policy research 6  $1,044.00
Robotics University of Pennsylvania pennx robotics 4  $1,396.00 We will arrange an internship.
Design Thinking Rochester Institute of Technology design thinking 5  $1,000.00 We will arrange an internship.
Cyber Security Rochester Institute of Technology ritx cybersecurity 5  $1,200.00 We will arrange an internship.
Project Management Rochester Institute of Technology ritx project management 4  $1,050.00 We will arrange an internship.
managing Technology & Innovation: How to deal with disruptive change RWTH Aachen University managing technology innovation how deal 6  $894.00 We will arrange an internship.
International Business Management Thunderbird School of Global Management thunderbirdx international business management 4  $996.00
Software Development University of British Columbia software development 6  $925.00 We will arrange an internship.
Business Fundamentals University of British Columbia ubcx business fundamentals 6  $900.00
Algorithms and Data Structure UC San Diego ucsandiegox algorithms and data structures 8  $1,200.00 We will arrange an internship.
Data Science UC San Diego data science 4  $1,400.00 We will arrange an internship.
Accounting and Financial Management University of Maryland University College usmx umuc accounting and financial management 4  $996.00
Cloud Computing University of Maryland University College cloud computing 4  $996.00 We will arrange an internship.
Bioinformatics University of Maryland University College bioinformatics 3  $747.00
Software Testing and Verification University of Maryland University College software testing verification 3  $747.00 We will arrange an internship.
Instructional Design and Technology University of Maryland University College instructional design technology 4  $796.00 We will arrange an internship.
Sustainable Energy The University of Queensland Australia uqx sustainable energy 5  $1,495.00 We will arrange an internship.
Corporate Innovation The University of Queensland Australia uqx corporate innovation 5  $1,345.00
Business Leadership The University of Queensland Australia uqx business leadership 5  $1,497.00
Leadership in Global Development The University of Queensland Australia uqx leadership global development 5  $1,350.00
Bio based Sciences for Sustainability Wageningen University & Research wageningenx biobased sciences sustainability 6  $1,194.00

Phase 2 of Nafi Benefits at 50,000 – 100,000 members:

In phase 2 we are going to introduce online degree’s through our educational facility in Karachi إن شاء الله.

This is the key phase in which we will accept our Nafi members to BSc and MSc courses via Top universities in the world, within the following key areas of studies:

  • Cyber Security
  • Big Data
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Science
  • Development and Earth Sciences
  • Education and Teaching
  • Health
  • Mathematics and Statistics

This is a work in progress as we are working on making this at a scale via which we can offer degree programs in a phased approach. Please stay tuned for more updates from our end.

Phase 3 Nafi Consulting (A project for 2019):

Create an incubation center within Karachi where students of Nafi Cardholders will be working on various projects. They will also be given all the tools which they can utilize to work on their own ideas and technologies. Our focus is to create and foster our generation so that they can work within Pakistan and abroad on various technologies and contribute in solving multiple challenges within Pakistan.

This is something we have started working on presently, and more news and updates will be shared soon إن شاء الله.

Our key service offerings will be Cyber Security, Risk Management, Business Process Engineering, and emerging technology development and services within Pakistan and abroad.

The key areas of consulting division will be:

  • Cyber Security Consulting
  • Risk Management
  • Pentesting
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Advisory (Consulting, Deals, and Forensics)
  • Audit and Assurance (AI, Blockchain, and assurance services)
  • Security Operations Services
  • Private and Public Cloud Services
  • Software Define networking

And many other vital technology initiatives within Pakistan where our graduates and certificate holders will be allowed to work side by side and gain key experience. This is a project for 2019 Q1 and more data will be shared soon إن شاء الله.

Phase 4 of Nafi Benefits at 50,000 – 100,000 members:

This is our keystone project and one of the most significant undertakings. We will be starting a school within Karachi first where education from Kindergarten to College will be free to all of our Nafi members. This is where we will offer an infused curriculum of Ad-Duha Curriculum, Calvert Education, and various other teachings. This will help our students to compete with directly with the students abroad as they will be able to compete on equal footing.

Well Being Facilities (Coming in 2019)

Providing our members a place to relax and train their bodies to energize their minds, heart, and soul. Our gym facilities will be equipped with weight training, Cross-fit, swimming pools along with other amenities. This is going to be completely free for our members.

Renewable Energy Sources (Coming in 2019)

Providing our communities renewable sources of energy free of cost. Breaking the shackles by creating housing communities where energy is free by utilizing renewable energy. The energy issue has plagued us for far too long. We will invest in this area to ensure that local talent is harnessing their minds and energies to do great things for Pakistan إن شاء الله.

All of the above benefits will be available to our members and will be sponsored by our 50% of profits. We will share more information in the coming days and months إن شاء الله as we are working on drawing these plans.

Future projects include free internet, technology incubators where we would like to rally our young generation in the filed of Blockchain, IoT, smart cities, quantum encryption, 3D printing and other emerging technologies.